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Symas delivers the Best Directory Outcomes. Scalability, reliability, performance, and flexibility. The latest and most modern technologies.

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Symas provides professional technical support for the premier LDAP directory technology, OpenLDAP. With the release of OpenLDAP 2.5, Symas and the Project are moving forward with improved technology. Symas’s Support plans and Services offerings are even more flexible and comprehensive. As you update your directories and consider options like The Cloud and containerization, we have the experience to provide the expertise.

Your support subscription gives you access to tested and packaged binaries, product maintenance, and unlimited email support tickets, which go through our ticketing system from your unique customer email address, and are processed promptly according to your chosen service level. Symas provides technical support for the testing, use, and operation of specific versions of OpenLDAP software. Technical support includes answering questions, configuration assistance, access to software upgrades, and access to software defect fixes.

Symas has a full-time staff dedicated to answering your questions, helping with your challenges, looking forward to your evolving needs, and help fixing your problems. In addition, several members of the OpenLDAP core development team are on staff for in-depth technical advice and defect corrections. Symas offers a range of support options from backup for expert LDAP teams to in-depth support for busy systems administration groups.

Symas Managed Services start with configuration, testing and installation into production. Then our team operates, monitors, and maintains your OpenLDAP directory on your infrastructure. With Hosted Services we do all that on infrastructure we set up and maintain.

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