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More Than A Ticket Helpdesk

Tech Support

Symas’s Technical Support team is dedicated to making your directory work just the way you require. From the beginning of our support relationship through years of successful use of OpenLDAP, we are committed to providing comprehensive support.

Evaluation Support

If your team is comfortable tackling the evaluation or proof of concept, we can set up an Evaluation Agreement and be a resource for the inevitable questions and challenges. Evaluations are generally supported for free. If you’re tackling a complex migration from an older, proprietary LDAP package (for example ODSEE, OpenDJ, OUD, etc.), we can only provide limited evaluation support. We are happy to set up a professional services contract to help with a complex migration.

Service Request Tickets

Symas maintains a Web and email based ticketing system. Each customer gets a secure private queue for correspondence. Our support team members get immediate notification of new email or Web ticket activity. Small to medium sized attachments can be attached to tickets. Larger attachments can be uploaded to a secure file transfer site (‘sftp’) after a Symas team member sets up temporary access.

Consultative Tickets

Our support staff and ticketing system can deal with more than just problems. We are happy to review planned changes, configuration options, and current logs to answer questions or give advice.

To set up support or an evaluation, contact or call the Main Office (telephone number below).

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