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Symas OpenLDAP Gold (Gold) is the highest level of service available for an OpenLDAP Directory. It offers the tightest Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the most responsive commitments. Gold customers get higher priority overall to Service Requests. Gold is available at either Business Hours (email) or High Severity (24x7x365) service level. It is meant for larger, more complex, and mission critical deployments.

All prices on this page are listed in U.S. dollars (USD).



*Small Pool (21-59)

*Medium Pool (60-249)

Gold Plan

Business Hours

High Sev









* - Pool size is the number of Production OpenLDAP servers/instances/VMs


Symas OpenLDAP Bronze (Bronze) is a “Best Effort” support plan. It has no Service Level Agreement. It is only available at the Business Hours (email) level of support. It is meant for teams self-sufficient in OpenLDAP who occasionally need support.

Business Hours

Bronze Plan







*Small Pool (21-59)

*Medium Pool (60-249)

* - Pool size is the number of Production OpenLDAP servers/instances/VMs

Sample Agreements and Statements of Work

Below is a list of sample Support Agreements and Statement of Work that we use. A Support Agreement outlines the relationship between your company and Symas Inc. defining items such as payment, scope of services, amendment, termination, confidentiality, etc. A Statement of Work defines items such as project purpose, project description, delivery schedule, deliverables, responsibilities, acceptance criteria, fees and payment, and termination.You can download and share these forms with your management and/or legal team:

To set up support, contact or call the Main Office (telephone number below).

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