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Upgrades / Improvements

LDAP Directories are complex. They have many networking options, security requirements, database capabilities, and performance, and capacity management demands. Few firms, agencies, and institutions can afford enough resources to stay on top of managing their LDAP directory. Symas Managed Services provides the specialists qualified to provide Sustaining Engineering for OpenLDAP systems. This service augments an Symas OpenLDAP Gold “High Severity” (24x7x365) support plan. It priced on a per Production Server per year basis just like the Support product.

These projects tend to be smaller and less complicated than a migration from another LDAP software package. The Symas team performs the work on development servers (hardware or virtual) inside your security boundaries and over secure links established and managed by your network security team. We can also, at your option, move the updated directories into production. This can often be done with zero down-time or interruption of service to your users.

Common “enhancement” projects include

  • Implementation of monitoring (alerting) and tracking (dashboards, capacity planning, etc.).

  • Integration with Identity Management systems (OKTA, etc.)

  • Conversion from synchronization strategies to more direct data management

To start a conversation about your upgrade/improvement, contact or call the Main Office (telephone number below).

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