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Migration Services

Whether you need to upgrade from an older release of OpenLDAP or convert from another LDAP software package, Symas can help. If your team is comfortable tackling the migration, we can set up an Evaluation Agreement and be a resource for the inevitable questions and challenges. Evaluations are generally supported for free. We can only provide limited evaluation support for complex migrations from older, proprietary LDAP packages (ODSEE, OpenDJ, OUD, etc.). We are happy to set up professional services contracts to help with these more complex migrations.

The most common migration pattern we’re dealing with recently is moving an Oracle Directory Services Enterprise Edition (ODSEE, formerly Sun’s product) to OpenLDAP. This is a relatively challenging migration path requiring significant access control and data “clean-up” modifications.

OpenLDAP upgrades from much older versions are also interesting. As enhancements have been made to OpenLDAP, older deployments often need to be thoroughly reviewed and redesigned. Still, OpenLDAP to OpenLDAP migrations are much easier than ODSEE or OpenDJ (its Java “replacement”).

A professional services migration can be as simple as taking your configuration and directory data then preparing an OpenLDAP version for your team to install, enhance, test, and use. Or we can use secure access to your test system(s) and get a test configuration ready for acceptance testing.

Otherwise, we can go further and actually do some of the work for you. For a sample Statement of Work (SOW), click here

To start a conversation about your migration, contact or call the Main Office (telephone number below).

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