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Symas OpenLDAP Support

Symas offers real, in-depth support for your LDAP team. Our support plans go beyond fixing issues and pointing to documentation. Fast email responses and available High Severity 24x7x365 options go beyond the usual. And we're here for consultation.

The Best LDAP Support Available

Symas has a dedicated OpenLDAP Support Team. That's all the team does. Our Support staff has no other responsibilities except to help our customers create, operate, and maintain the best LDAP directories possible.

The Symas Support Team is available by email, any time. For customers selecting the Gold "High Severity" option, a 24x7x365 hotline is available to alert the team to production problems with the OpenLDAP server software or your OpenLDAP client applications.


All support clients have access to the team to review configurations, current performance, or changes planned for the future. Annual reviews are included as is upgrade support.

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