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Symas takes responsibility for:

  • Installing OpenLDAP onto servers set up and maintained by the Infrastructure team

  • Installing and maintaining the OpenLDAP configurations

  • Working with your networking team to integrate the OpenLDAP servers into the network including helping configure load balancers as needed

  • Directory Data Operations: loading, backups, maintenance of replication, etc.

  • 24x7x365 monitoring

  • Responding to alerts, performance/capacity management, and issues that arise with the LDAP service

  • Coordinating with other stakeholders to participate in system and network scheduled events

  • Planning for and implementing new LDAP-related application requirements

  • Maintaining the servers: closing security issues, introducing functional enhancements, and pre-empting problems that others have experienced

  • Providing input to capacity management and as seamlessly as possible providing adaptive, dynamic, and responsive directory services

Symas OpenLDAP Managed Services

LDAP Directories are complex. They have many networking options, security requirements, database capabilities, performance, and capacity management demands. The resources required to stay on top of managing an LDAP Directory can be too expensive. Symas Managed Services provides the specialists qualified to provide sustained engineering for OpenLDAP systems. This service augments a Symas OpenLDAP Gold “High Severity” (24x7x365) support plan. It priced per production server per year just like the support product.

Symas OpenLDAP Managed Service is best for IT shops with strong Infrastructure and Networking teams managing the server environments. All too often, systems administration is stretched so much that their LDAP skills get rusty and then responsiveness suffers. The solution is to offload the LDAP Directory’s complex workload to Symas Managed Services.

For more information about Symas Managed Services, contact or call the Main Office (telephone number below).

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