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  • Nick Mower

Symas Discontinues Binary Packages for Solaris, AIX and Windows, Focuses on Linux Distributions

Updated: May 12, 2022

With the release of OpenLDAP v2.5/6, development of OpenLDAP v2.4 has ceased. Version 2.4.59 is the final release. Starting with OpenLDAP v2.5 Symas has discontinued distribution of the Symas OpenLDAP for Solaris, Windows, and Red Hat Linux (SOFL) packages. In their place, Symas has made the Symas OpenLDAP packages freely available for all users. There is no sign-up, cost, or obligation for downloading (from and installing these packages.

The packages known as "Symas OpenLDAP Gold" are now simply called "symas-openldap". The new symas-openldap package contains everything from SOFL and now includes all advanced features that were exclusive to Symas OpenLDAP Gold.

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