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  • Matthew Hardin

OpenLDAP for Linux Support from Symas Corporation

A few weeks ago, I posted about Red Hat and SuSE and their plans to withdraw support for OpenLDAP from their upcoming Linux releases. In that post, I pledged that Symas would fill the vacuum, providing free replacement OpenLDAP packages and contracted support for those packages.

As we developed the offering and discussed it with potential clients, we quickly realized that since we wrote the code that Red Hat and SuSE have been shipping, we’re in a very good position to support it as well. It was only a week before we found our first customer – and more keep coming.

Today I’m pleased to announce our new OpenLDAP for Linux Support Plan. The excellent technical support that we’re known for is now available for existing LDAP deployments that use OpenLDAP from Red Hat and SuSE.

We’re still offering replacement packages, which will be more current and better crafted. But we’ll also support what you’re running now, so you can migrate to the new packages when you’re ready.

To learn more about our OpenLDAP for Linux Packages and Support, click here.

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