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  • Matthew Hardin

3 Turn Productions applauds service from Symas

Symas Gives Startup Exemplary Support and Service

In 2013 the president of Three Turn Productions, Judy Tyrer, reached out to Symas for database help as she was preparing to launch her virtual roleplaying game, called Ever, Jane.

Some of her concerns were:

  • Having data set up correctly.

  • The need for rapid reads.

  • Server Management.

  • The ability to understand all the technical terms.

At the time, Tyrer was using an embedded database, BD Pro, which she found “can’t handle as much data as I have.” Symas Corporation stepped in with OpenLDAP support to ensure gamers wouldn’t have to wait for data and that their logins would run smoothly. While BD Pro still plays a small role within the platform, Symas OpenLDAP does the heavy lifting.

“[OpenLDAP] works really smoothly. It is really awesome; it’s a black box I can really count on. I trust that this works. I’m thrilled, I don’t know any other way to say it!”

Regarding her support subscription with Symas, Tyrer said it’s the “most warm, fuzzy thing in the world. I don’t need to panic, I just call Edgar (Symas technical support) and he’ll take care of it.”

However, Judy says, “You guys are so not like that. It’s much quicker and your customer support is exemplary.”

This is a big difference from what Tyrer has experienced with other companies. “It’s just a nightmare when you call them,” Tyrer said. “You’re on hold for 45 minutes, you can’t get through, and they won’t fix your problem anyway. You guys are not like that. Your customer support is exemplary.”

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