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  • Jason Trupp

DROWN Vulnerability with Remediation

Network traffic encrypted using an RSA-based SSL certificate may be decrypted if enough SSLv2 handshake data can be collected. Exploitation of this vulnerability—referred to as DROWN in public reporting—may allow a remote attacker to obtain the private key of a server supporting SSLv2.

Symas encourages users and administrators to review Vulnerability Note VU#583776 and read OpenSSL’s advisory for additional information.

Remediation: Symas OpenLDAP can be protected against DROWN by doing the following:

  1. Ensure you are running Symas OpenLDAP release 2.4.40-1 or later. If you need to upgrade, the latest release, 2.4.43-1, can be downloaded at

  2. Set TLSProtocolMin to completely disable all protocols below 3.1. To do this, add the following to the global section of your slapd.conf file (slapd restart required): TLSProtocolMin 3.1 Or, if you use cn=config, add: olcTLSProtocolMin: 3.1

For questions or concerns, please contact Symas Support.

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