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  • Edgar Resendez

Symas OpenLDAP Gold Available

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

On August 14, 2021, we posted the Symas OpenLDAP Gold version of OpenLDAP to our Download Site. This is the second Symas update to the OpenLDAP Project’s 2.4.59 Release. We provide updates more frequently than the project to help our customers address problems and keep up with other system changes. Several high profile changes included in this update are:

• Fixed slapd syncrepl to include full set of changes in a diff (ITS#7766)

• Fixed slapo-syncprov delete of nonexistent sessionlog (ITS#9608)

• Fixed slapd-mdb multival crash when attribute is missing an equality matchingrule (ITS#9621)

The Release Notes can be found here. The update notes (and warnings) can be found here.

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